Hagal's Aett: Elder Futhark Rune Theories and Analysis (Signed Book)

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Hagal's Aett: Elder Futhark Rune Theories and Analysis (Signed Book)

This book is the second of a 3-part analysis of the deeper meanings hidden within the runes of the Elder Futhark. Through various avenues of mythology, language, and history, we will expand the scope and meanings present in each rune as it moves through time and culture. We will explore well known runic theories, as well as delve into uncharted and obscure territory that is meant to leave the reader with the sense of “vastness” present in each individual rune.

Throughout the project, we will examine common themes, philosophical musings, and an overall expansion of the deeper connotations that each rune encompasses. We will examine direct connections to deities such as Odin, Freyja, Hel, and Cernunnos, while also exploring the realms and spirits represented by this specific row of runes. Most notably present here are the elements of nature and the cyclical process life, death, and rebirth. Although the basics of rune theory are covered here as well, I don’t necessarily recommend these books to beginners or people new to Germanic Paganism. The reason being, is that this book may offer “too much information” and overwhelm someone without prior foundation in this esoteric system.

For beginners, I would recommend picking up my first rune book “Runes, Bindrunes and Hahalruna: European Sorcery and Divination”. That book will give you a good introduction to the runes while offering glimpses into cryptic aspects inherent in each one. It gives multiple angles one can view each rune from based on one’s experience and how one identifies with the initial word, shape, and sound of each rune. However, if dedicated and willing, this book can be approached first and may open many doors for your future research and practice.